Nature Based Therapy

Nature Based Therapy (NBT) enhances the connection of one's thoughts and feelings with the restorative flow of earth's wisdom, an often overlooked component in conventional counselling. Indigenous cultures have always known that nature is a powerful healing resource. With the ongoing hustle of a career, urban living, and social technology, people have lost their connection to their natural surroundings.

Working in and with nature soothes the nerves, balances perspective, and simply rejuvenates. Being with growing things, which require care and nurture, is a wonderful metaphor for personal growth and self-care. NBT understands the connection of ecology with psychology, and lays emphasis on mindfulness, making it effective for managing distressing emotions like grief, loss, and trauma, and helps build coping skills.

Research suggests that NBT has proven to lower blood pressure, lower stress response in cortisol and adrenaline, balance the endocrine (hormone) system, reduce inflammation and slow heart rate. NBT is highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, panic, addiction amongst other mental health disorders.

Happiness Studio houses a therapeutic green space that facilitates nature-based immersions and experiences. We are harnessing the healing power of nature in new ways and settings as part of a holistic approach to good mental health and wellbeing by facilitating:

• Counselling sessions in the outdoors, plantation drives, nature walks, mindfulness meditation and reflection time.
• Nature based processes to enhance your mental, emotional, and spiritual health in daily life.
• Integration with expressive art therapies, such as art, music, dance, drums, and drama.
• Healing with Trees:

  • - Detox Tree – Release negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, clean the mind and reclaim your energy and attention to stay present and be more productive.
  • - Gratitude Tree – Cultivate the art of gratefulness, a simple 'thank you' to deeply appreciate someone or something, which brings long lasting positivity.
  • - Commitment Tree – Evoke a strong sense of intention and focus with the earnest devotion to achieve the envisioned goals in life and in relationships.

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"Dr Barmi has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".

Dr Barmi has worked with over 1 lakh clients over past 25 years and has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".