Alcohol Treatment

When under alcohol addiction treatment, the mind turns to think of thriving on a substance without which life feels difficult. It’s almost like life is in survival mode where instead of thinking of meaning and purpose and things that matter the mind turns to think of quenching the thirst. At happiness studio, we offer the best Alcohol treatment in Delhi where a tailor made approach is adopted to suit individual needs. Alcoholic addiction can impact a person physically, emotionally and behaviorally. It can also impact caregivers (most commonly family and friends) severely. However, one thing is common and that is the will to change.
Alcohol addiction treatment can be a challenge. But at Happiness Studio, we are willing to combat this challenge to provide an effective treatment plan so each challenge is combatted for the individual. This alcohol treatment in Delhi provides support with a wide range of integrative therapeutic modalities which can be used according to the magnitude of the addiction. Below are some alcohol addiction and treatment options.

1. Motivational Interviewing and assessment

To understand what treatment can work best, the first step is to have a one-to-one interview with your psychotherapist. Here at Happiness studio, it means acknowledging who you are as a person, your current challenges with your ongoing issue and what that means to you. A safe, confidential space is provided to understand your struggles with alcohol addiction. Then a treatment plan is constructed to formulate goals to work on. This is done mutually to suit your needs. This may be followed by assessments to gauge with the current level of severity so that issues faced in social and occupational life are mapped out in detail for better alcohol addiction and treatment outcomes. We provide alcohol treatment in Delhi.

2. Integrative approaches

For the unique challenges that are faced therapeutic modalities can be used accordingly. Most popular forms of therapy for alcohol addiction and treatment is CBT and DBT.
CBT is found to help take care of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that impact the individual so that new changes (behaviors) can be learnt.
At Happiness studio (alcohol addiction treatment), we work on Acceptance of difficulty because with acceptance comes change. When struggles are accepted and challenges are worked on, they turn into facilitators of change and the creation of a new solution. Support and counseling services for family members suffering from the abuse of addiction is also available.

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"Dr Barmi has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".

Dr Barmi has worked with over 1 lakh clients over past 25 years and has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".