Bipolar Disorders And Treatment

Bipolar disorder, is a condition in which people experience severe high and low moods along with many other disturbances such as changes in sleep, appetite, thinking, behaviour etc.
People who have Bipolar disorders have episodes when they feel overly happy and energised and episodes when they feel sad, hopeless. Want to know more about bipolar? One of the centres for bipolar disorder treatment in Delhi is Happiness Studio.
Let’s discover the Common symptoms of bipolar disorders: -
A person must have experienced at least one episode of mania or hypomania for diagnosis with bipolar disorder and for mania elevated or irritable mood that must last for a minimum of one week and be present most of the time. For considering hypomania, the mood should last at least four days and be should be present most of the day, almost every day. A person may experience an inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, increased need to talk, increased goal directed behaviour. The depressive episode in bipolar disorder occurs in the form of major depressive disorder and is characterized by loss of motivation and interest in many activities that were pleasurable earlier along with persistent sadness.
Let’s have a brief look and the causes of bipolar disorders

  • Genetics- you’re more likely than other people to develop the condition if someone in your family has this disorder but this is not necessary that that will happen.
  • Your brain- Your brain structure and functions may act as a risk for the disease. Environmental factors-many factors in the environment may contribute towards the risk of bipolar disorder.
  • Comprehensive treatment for bipolar treatment in Delhi is available at Happiness Studio, providing best services. Here’s the list of available treatments
  • Medication- Medicines like mood stabilizers help a great deal to minimise the mood swings of bipolar disorder treatment in Delhi and help to deal with the symptoms effectively.
  • Psychotherapy- Psychotherapy is very helpful for dealing with bipolar disorder and all the problems associated with it causing a disruption in your daily life. A therapist aims to enable you with good strategies on how to cope with all the difficult or uncomfortable feelings, repair your relationships, manage stress, and regulate your mood.
  • Lifestyle management – lifestyle change in very necessary and by regulating your lifestyle can help you better manage your symptoms and mood episodes and bring it to a minimum. A change in lifestyle should include maintaining a 6-8 hour sleep schedule, avoiding alcohol and drugs, a nutritious diet, a consistent exercise program, minimising stress, and keeping your sunlight exposure stable year-round.

Therapies are available to treat Bipolar disorder treatment in Delhi.

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy – which includes a wide range of methods and techniques to help manage thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  • Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy – focuses on better management of the sleep- wake cycle in people with bipolar disorder and highlights the importance of a constructive routine.
  • Family-focused therapy- the main goal is to educate the patient and the caregivers about the disorder and treatment and how to manage it at home.

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