why mental health is important in this pandemic?

Sound mental health is necessary for us to function in this pandemic. We need to be able to address our concerns, smallest to the biggest.

COVID-19 has led to many discomforts and disorganization in our everyday lives as well as within us. It has affected how we work, our ability to segregate work from home as well as how we spend our leisure time. It could be housewives, who have suddenly seen a surge in the amount of work to be done, people to be looked after or it could be maintaining work life balance with having to juggle work with increased housework and family time. This phase of uncertainty might lead to low feelings, negative thinking, grief and anxieties leading to Panic/Phobias.

Children on the other hand, might be experiencing a different kind of stress wherein they are unaware of the gravity of the current situation and are rendered immobile to carry on their daily activities. Only when they feel emotionally well, will they be able to perform their daily activities with a regularity seen before the pandemic.

Mental Health Concerns Usually faced in this Phase:

People might experience Insomnia, Appetite Disturbances, Psycho-somatic pains, Forgetfulness, Anger, Increased use of substance and Stress.

How we can contribute?

We provide counselling and therapeutic services that focus on understanding our inner turmoil and difficulty in coping with such concerns. We emphasize on an introspective nature of mind to be able to enhance self-efficacy. We use highly effective solution focused techniques in getting to the root of each problem and help people deal with it to get back on the right track and move forward in life. We can provide with valuable inputs on improving efficiency and coping skills to further address your concerns.

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Dr. Bhavna has been invited to conduct webinars in organizations such as Sage Publications, GSF foundation, Hero Motorcorp, British Business Group (BBG), Deutsche Bank, Radio Khaitan, Dell, and more; in India and different parts of the world specially during these challenging times of COVID-19.

She has addressed concerns to restore mental health and well-being; as well as is actively spreading awareness in collaboration with different schools and organisations such as First step- Preschool and Daycare, The Global Estate, Faridabad (Old age home), Healthsots (Hindustan times), Mylofamily, Gracia Raina Foundation and many more

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"Dr Barmi has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".

Dr Barmi has worked with over 1 lakh clients over past 25 years and has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".