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When under anxiety, the fight or flight mode can prevent one from thinking positively about any circumstance. When chronically experienced, anxiety can interfere with daily functioning and habits and can hamper attention span, quality of sleep and overall work efficiency occupationally as well. At happiness studio, we offer the Best Anxiety Doctor, South Delhi where a tailor made approach is adopted to suit individual needs.
The Anxiety Treatment Delhi provides support with a wide range of integrative therapeutic modalities which can be used according to the magnitude of the anxiety. Below are some options:

1. Motivational Interviewing and assessment

To understand what treatment can work best, the first step is to have a one-to-one interview with your psychotherapist. Here at Happiness studio, it means acknowledging who you are as a person, your current challenges with your ongoing issue and what that means to you. A safe, confidential space is provided to understand your struggles with anxiety. Then a treatment plan is constructed to formulate goals to work on. This is done mutually to suit your needs.
Anxiety can occur at different times during the day. Hence special care of your personal triggers is taken so that you get the Best Anxiety Doctor South Delhi to improve your current levels of productivity.
This may be followed by assessments to gauge with the current level of severity so that issues faced in social and occupational life are mapped out in detail for better Anxiety Treatment Delhi outcomes.

2. Integrative approaches

For the unique challenges that are faced therapeutic modalities can be used accordingly. Most popular form of therapy for anxiety is Behavior therapy.
The one thing we don’t listen to is our bodies. So, JPMR is taught to the client so that the differences between tension and relaxation can be successfully combated. This means introducing the concept of relaxation and helping one’s mind at ease in the most realistic, measurable and productive sense. According to individual difficulties and trauma’s faced many such treatment outcomes will be added. By the end of the therapy, the client will learn many ways to recognise and manage their own anxiety.

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"Dr Barmi has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".

Dr Barmi has worked with over 1 lakh clients over past 25 years and has spearheaded a plethora of projects in corporates and schools with her profound philosophy of "reach, care and assist".